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Our Story

How did you get into card-making?

Well, it began around 2019, I was very bored, I like to keep myself busy. And I was watching a YouTube video, it was on the "home" page. 


It was this woman, who made a Christmas card out of scrap paper. I was so impressed, I thought 'I wonder if I could that', so I saved up some money, and bought myself a Cricut Cuttlebug, and a magazine that had an embossing folder and dies. 

I've been hooked ever since. I use my imagination to make the cards,

 from gift-wrap and wallpaper. Sometimes, I see "balloons" gift-wrap, and think 'wow! I can make a really nice Birthday Card from that.'

How did you come up with name for your shop?

I wanted to have my shop to be personal, so I named my shop after myself and my cat Ollie.

How did you get Ollie?

Funny story, she was originally going to belong to my sister, at the time, she was only a kitten. It was getting late in the night, and we weren't sure where she could stay for the night. So, I volunteered to have her in my bedroom. 


However though, she kept meowing, so I gently picked her up, and placed her in my bed with me. She made the sweetest purr, and she fell asleep. I did feel sorry for her, it must have been hard, you're away from your mother and siblings, in a new place with lots of noise and strangers. 

So, we've been together over 12 years, and she still sleeps on my bed. 

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